Patient Testimonials

Dr. Keith Hosmer is the best chiropractor I know. He is very timely with his appointments and usually gets me right in. He gives an excellent adjustment and I am on my way within a very reasonable amount of time. 


Dr. Hosmer is always on time. He is always personable. He has reasonable rates. He takes the time to explain what your problem is. The office personnel are affable and helpful. Great job to all!


Dr. Hosmer and his staff are all great. His staff is kind and friendly and Dr. Hosmer knows a lot. Me and my family have been coming here for years. I would go to no other chiropractor. 


Dr. Hosmer has been my family’s chiropractor for several years. He is professional but also friendly. Dr. Hosmer has helped my sons Reflux to the point where he no longer needed to take his medications. Highly recommended! 


I always feel so much better after my visits. Making and changing appointments is very easy and never frowned on. Dr. Hosmer is outstanding, very knowledgeable about things and how to help myself at home. 


Dr. Keith is the greatest chiropractor I went to in 35 years of going to a chiropractor. He works on my neck and back and we talk, most doctors don’t spend time to talk to their patients. I just love him and tell everybody I know to go to my doctor Keith, he is great! 


Since I started coming here I have seen a change in the initial problems I had. Although they are not entirely fixed, they are well on their way and continue to have less and less pain. I greatly appreciate all the help and reward I have received from Hosmer family chiropractic and Dr. Hosmer, thank you. 


Appointment schedule is always on time. Very knowledgeable staff and Dr. Hosmer is always willing to inform and educate his patients on many medical issues. In emergency situations he is always willing to accommodate. 


I’ve been a police officer for 17 years and I’ve been with Keith for at least 15 of them. I credit him for keeping me going. I was in a serious car accident on duty a few months ago and my workplace set me up with a therapist. After several weeks I realized it wasn’t working and I called Keith. He immediately got me some relief so I can go back to work. Thanks Dr. Hosmer. 


I really love Dr. Hosmer. He offers great patient care and extremely down-to-earth. Dr. Hosmer can relate very well with anyone which is why he is so successful. I highly recommend! 


It is always a bone cracking good time! I’ve been with Hosmer family chiropractic for 13 years and will continue to do so. 


Dr. Hosmer is a friendly chiropractic office that accommodates Saturday appointments and flexible scheduling or last-minute appointments. His neighborhood closeness is also a bonus.  Deanna

Always a smile on everyone’s face! Dr. Hosmer fixed me up after I hurt myself lifting heavy crates, he knows what he’s doing and knows what’s best for me!


Dr. Keith is very professional and very good at what he does. 


Dr. Hosmer is very friendly and fast. It is always a good time and unfortunately it seems to go to quick. 


Very courteous and accommodating. Professionalism is of the utmost importance and it shows. I’ve been a regular patient since 2006 and highly recommend Hosmer Family Chiropractic. 


Dr. Hosmer has made me very happy, he is always accommodating and helpful. 


Dr. Hosmer is great! 


I came in hurting bad. I got immediate relief. I’m still sore but feeling much better. I will be back soon for follow-up. I won’t wait so long next time. Thank you very much doc! 


Best doc around. Very kind and considerate. He actually found that I had a much more serious issue and referred me to other doctors that found out I had MS. My own general practitioner didn’t care to do that. I will always be grateful. 


I’ve been seeing Dr. Hosmer for over a year and he does a good job relieving my lower back pain. 


Dr. Keith Hosmer is a very wonderful chiropractor! Very well educated and gives great advice. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends for excellent chiropractic care!! 


Hosmer family chiropractic is a good place to come to and have your body pains worked out. I would tell other people to come here. 


I am very happy with the service at Hosmer family chiropractic. I love how comfortable I feel with all the staff and how understanding they are. Dr. Hosmer is so easy to talk to and relate to. Dr. Hosmer really cares for his patients and it really shows. Thank you. 


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hosmer’s sense 2002. The difference in how my back feels is incredible. Anytime I’ve had an issue or problem the office has always gotten me into see Dr. Hosmer immediately. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone.


Dr. Hosmer is a very good chiropractor, he really cares how I feel, my health care needs are first, it’s all about me! He is hard at work but he still finds time to treat everyone like human beings, everybody is equal. I almost feel like family with the office, like a home setting. He encourages me to keep trying harder and do not let my handicap keep me down. I love my doc!


Dr. Hosmer is great, he has helped me a great deal. He is great at what he does and cares about his patients, he treat you like a person not just your problems. Dr. Keith is the one I always refer when someone mentions any back related problems. I have great faith in his ability and feel sorry for people who don’t believe in the power of chiropractic. Dr. Keith is also very knowledgeable of the medical field, he’s always learning new things and that gives me a great comfort to know I can ask questions about other areas of medicine and he’s happy to help any way he can. The staff is also great, very friendly and very willing to help however they can! 


Dr. Hosmer is very attentive. He listens to what I have to say and offer sensible advice on how to cope with and prevent pain. I always find relief in treatment. 


What a wonderful experience. A very pleasant personality. A very quiet setting. The doc is very knowledgeable in his profession and guaranteed to leave satisfied with your health problems.  Helen

Thank you Dr. Hosmer, you have help me to be pain free! 


I have been to other chiropractic doctors and none of them actually helped my back like Dr. Hosmer has. My best friend recommended Dr. Hosmer’s office because my chiropractor wasn’t doing as much as far as my back pain goes. A few weeks after seeing Dr. Hosmer I felt great. He helps you and also teaches his patients how to keep the body in the right positions not to harm it. I recommend this office and brag about it whenever possible. 


Dr. Hosmer works very well with different range of personal schedules. Everyone on staff are caring individuals, someone who you can relate to. 


In addition to making me feel much better, Dr. Hosmer educates on many subjects related to health issues.  


Exciting to see Hosmer chiropractic on Facebook. Very informative and interesting to read! Easy to share information with others and to promote Dr. Hosmer.  Diane

Dr. Hosmer is a wonderful Dr. who has a great bedside manner. Our whole family uses him to help cure all our aches and pains. We even like that he knows how to take a joke. 


Dr. Hosmer is such a nice man. He is a very good chiropractor. I recommend him to anyone.  Julie

Great office staff. The doctor is the man! I’m so happy that I met Keith, keep up the great work!  Inell

As one of your “oldest patients”, I have nothing but wonderful things to say, great office staff and Dr.! Andrea

I’ve been with Keith for two years and I keep coming back because his attention to all of my needs is terrific. As a busy person, I need someone who gives me straight answers and is open with me about my health. Keith takes the time to solve your pain issues, and gives you his total attention during your sessions. I’ll keep coming back to Keith for a long time. 


The greatest!! I always feel and he looks out for my best interests in providing excellent service.  Marge

I have been coming here for years. I find the receptionist always has a smile and is helpful. Dr. Hosmer is a great doctor with a good personality. Yes I will be back! 


I have been a patient of Dr. Hosmer’s for over 10 years he is help me with his chiropractic skills and his advice. I highly recommend having him as a chiropractor. 


We love Dr. Hosmer. He is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to answer questions even outside of chiropractic. And he smells really good! 


Minimal weight times, friendly service, and Dr. Hosmer helped to alleviate back and neck pain and a matter of weeks. Glad I chose Dr. Hosmer for my chiropractic needs. 


Dr. Hosmer gives outstanding personalized service, with friendly demeanor. It is a pleasure to be so well taken care of. 


Thank you very much for your hard work and very nice staff. 


I have been coming here for about eight years and I am very pleased with both the chiropractic care and the pleasant receptionists. I would and have recommended Dr. Hosmer to anyone who is in need of chiropractic care. Thank you so much! 


Very good at what Dr. Hosmer does. He is a people person and is also available to all patients.  Emil

Five stars, excellent service, thank you very much! 


I think Dr. Hosmer is a great chiropractor. He fixes the issues with my back and neck in order to allow me to do my normal activities. I have recommended him to a few people who have become his patients and are also happy with his treatments. 


Amy, Melissa, and Dr. Keith are always a pleasure to deal with. When I need to be seen right away or anyone in my family needs to be seen urgently, they/he is always, always accommodating! I would recommend Dr. Keith Hosmer to everyone and have referred many people to him. Thanks Dr. Keith for keeping us healthy!  Kathy

He got me back on my feet and relieved a lot of my pain. I have recommended him to friends and family. Great job doc.  David

I don’t want to consider where I’d be without Dr. Hosmer’s chiropractic treatment, and I really appreciate the convenient location.  Lee

After experiencing back pain for quite some time, I decided to take the advice of a few friends and schedule an appointment with Dr. Hosmer. I was slightly nervous as I had never gone to a chiropractor, but Dr. Hosmer made me feel very comfortable. Most of all I have experienced a great deal of relief from my back pain. Now I look forward to the days I have adjustments scheduled. I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Hosmer’s office and would refer anyone to him with back pain.  Samantha

I am very pleased with the outcome with every appointment I have with the Hosmer chiropractic! I always feel better afterwards, it helps me very much! Dr. Hosmer is very nice, helpful, and I have recommended it to many people!  Rebecca

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Keith and his staff! I’ve been coming here for about 10 years since suffering a major car accident at work and I’m so very pleased with the results! I went from about a nine out of 10 for pain from my initial visit to being a zero on most days and can do any of my many daily activities! Get your life back on track and call Dr. Keith!  Edward

Excellent Dr.! I highly recommend Dr. Hosmer! Al

After being in pain for years, I’ve started having relief after seeing Dr. Hosmer. I would highly recommend Dr. Hosmer to anyone who has tried to live with constant pain. PS – it is affordable too!  Jackie

Dr. Hosmer looks at your total health including diet, exercise, and mental health. I have found him to be one of the most effective doctors I have know. He takes time and he listens to all of your concerns.  Al

Dr. Hosmer got me back to pain free after just a few treatments. I am very satisfied!  Suzanne

The personal care and individual treatment are the best. Dr. Hosmer cares and it shows. Al

My daughter and I have been patients for over one year and find a doctor and staff to be very friendly. We see the doctor once a month and find it very helpful. Dr. Hosmer is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable.   Kathleen and Rachel

You make me feel the happiest I could be!! The secret for me is to come every 4 to 5 weeks. Chris

Dr. Hosmer saw me the first time in an emergency situation when my back was spasming. I was in serious pain and I was not even his patient! That is the kind of care I received! He sees me when I need it and is prompt. The care is excellent! I live pain free now!  Linda

I have a very bad scoliosis and Dr. Hosmer helps keep me pain free and working. Thank you very much!  Keith

Dr. Hosmer is the best! He is always available when I need his help and tries to help me get in before I am really hurting. Great doctor, great friend!  Joan

I am very pleased with the treatments I receive every time.  Dale

I’ve been going to Dr. Hosmer on and off for some time. He has been so good for me. He’s honest, tells it like it is. His facility is very clean and his help is very friendly. I would recommend him to family and friends.  Dorothy

Dr. Hosmer is great with patients, has a great bedside manner, made me feel great, I have no more neck pain, I would refer him to anyone.  Denise

Dr. Hosmer is great. He doesn’t mess around he tells you how it is. I feel great after he works on my back. It is like I'm a new person afterwards.  Doug

I love this place! Appointments are always fast and convenient. Dr. Hosmer listens to your concerns and goes through everything with you step-by-step. I don’t feel like I’m at the doctor’s office, but more like a quick trip to the spa.  Angelica

My name is Marina, I met Dr. Hosmer in 2011 after an auto accident. I went to physical therapy for several months but the fix was only temporary. My symptoms returned full-blown. When I first met Dr. Hosmer my quality of life as I knew it had totally diminished. I was in chronic pain constantly, there wasn’t anything I could do. Pain medication was a temporary fix and once it wore off I was back to square one. Dr. Hosmer really knows his stuff, he listens and then works his magic. He’s very knowledgeable of his practice and is caring. He truly wants to help his patients get better. He is the doctor that if he can’t help you he will tell you, not lead you to believe that you will be good as new after just so many weeks of treatment. That’s what happened to me with physical therapy. Dr. Hosmer sets up a program with you and as long as you listen and do what he says it will work. As of today my quality of life has returned, no more pain medication and I can do everything I want to and need to. I thank my medical doctor constantly for referring me to Dr. Hosmer. He truly gave me my life back. Thank you so much Dr. Hosmer!!! Dr. Hosmer’s office staff are very pleasant and very helpful with scheduling appointments that work around your schedule, not only the doctors. To sum things up, Dr. Hosmer gave me my life back and that’s the honest truth. He was there for me when no one else was, he nursed me back to a pain-free lifestyle and is continuing to help maintain that status. I truly can’t thank Dr. Hosmer enough for what he did and continues to do for me.   Marina

Dr. Hosmer truly cares about his patients. I felt very comfortable as soon as I met him. He took the time to explain and show me the areas of my pain. Dr. Hosmer is a true professional.  Lisa

Dr. Hosmer has made my life less painful due to his treatments. He is one Dr. I am happy to see any even happier when I leave. Not only does he do a great job on your body he is very easy and pleasant to talk to. Thank God for chiropractors!  Troy

Dr. Hosmer puts me back into alignment what I put out with bad posture and gardening. Thank you!  Jeanette

Dr. Hosmer’s treatment on my back, neck, and whole body help me to stay working hard and strong. I don’t want to rely on prescription drugs to take my pain away. I need his chiropractic service to keep my body adjusted correctly. I would like to thank you for taking care of my body for the last six years and longer. You have helped me get through my pains!  Nancy

When I was first seen by Dr. Hosmer in 2001 I was barely able to walk and was in excruciating pain. Through many adjustments and encouraging words he was able to get my pain under control and kept me from having back surgery the other doctors said I needed. With his continued support and treatments I am now able to walk and care for myself without any help. Thank you Dr. Hosmer!!  Ellen

I am happy to state that since I first began treatment with Dr. Hosmer I’ve noticed a constant improvement in the sciatic pain I had for 2 ½ years! Needless to say, I was reminded to keep my appointments within a reasonable time of each treatment, to continue the healing process, which I did. I do want to state that I had visited other chiropractors with no relief, and as I passed Dr. Hosmer’s treatment center and talked to others who have used his manipulative talents, I chose to see what his procedures would do to alleviate the constant pain I was in! I am delighted to a test to his advice for healing, his professionalism, and most of all his knowledge of what to do to bring relief to the constant pain that traveled down my hip to my toes on my left leg, rather than taking the pain medication given to me by a pain management physician! I would highly recommend Dr. Hosmer to anyone who is seeking treatment to relieve any type of bodily pain, based on the excellent treatment I received and continue to receive!  Charlotte

Without my regular appointments I would not be able to perform my regular duties on my stressful job. My particular type of injury is serious and although not pain-free, adjustments help relieve muscle tension which helps me to move more freely. When my lower back should be out of place due to heavy lifting and long periods of standing, 8 to 12 hours per day, I cannot stand up straight without pain. With one treatment I walked out of the doctor’s office erect and able to walk a lot easier. In my opinion going to a regular medical doctor for neck and back injury is treated with drugs, muscle relaxants and painkillers, that only treat the symptoms. Chiropractic care treats the problem not just masks the symptoms. Dr. Hosmer is a caring, straightforward, and very dedicated man that cares for his patients. He has help me through eight years and is care help me get through many a day on my job.  Sheila